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    Game Status IP Adress Server name Players Map
    Online Tanoa Life Roleplay | Public Cops | 300k Start | Houses | PERM Tanoa
    Online Absolute Tanoa Wasteland | 100k Start | Territory | Persistence Tanoa
    Online §c§oTekkit Main §f- §2Space Odyssey §6www.agcn.co.uk world
    Online §6AG §2| §cVanilla Pure Survival §9www.agcn.co.uk world
    Offline No data No data
    Online Absolution Gaming Communty Teamspeak  

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    • Blueprint Library Blueprint Filler Builder  Template Architect Table Build Craft Advanced Crafting Table Crystal Chest Computer Craft Turtle ALL Explosive Items/Blocks (Nuke Bomb, TNT, Dynamite) Tesla Coil Miner Terraformer Deployers Block Breakers Retrievulator Forcefield Block Cutter Upgrade All Tesseracts Phased Pipes Entropy Accelerator  Vibration Catalyst All Chunk Loaders LiquiCrafter Bag of Holding Wand of Cooling Wrath Igniter Wrathlamps Black Hole Chest Writing Desk REP CF Sprayer Mining Laser Steves Carts Mining Drills Exo: Shoulder Mounted Pistons MystCraft Age Creation Items
      Removed Mods Dimensional Doors Dimensional Anchor OpenCC Sensors Weaponmod
    • Change log 16/08 Police placeables now have a access limit of rank 3 + Police should gain money from bounties Police from level 1 (PSCO) Will now have access to the Protector 9mm
    • New Rules added to the main forum Minecraft rules
    • All of the ongoing change logs will be located in this thread:
    • Change Log 15/08 Changed time for robbing gas stations. Gun Store + General Store Added to Nicolet. Police Docks moved to Georgetown police HQ. Nato base + Nps's Moved to Georgetown police HQ. Police Pilot licence can only be given out by High Ranking cops. Civilian Car shop & Garage moved in Georgetown. Gold Ingot Buffed What can be found at the "Lost Tribe?"
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